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North Haiwee Dam No. 2 

Project Background
North and South Haiwee Reservoirs are the southernmost Los Angeles Aqueduct reservoirs in Inyo County separated by Merritt Dam. Haiwee Reservoirs are approximately 5 miles south of the intersection of US-395 Highway and SR-190 and just east of US-395 Highway. Construction of North Haiwee Dam was completed in February 1913.

Scope of Work
The purpose of the North Haiwee Project is to contain the water in North Haiwee Reservoir  in the event the existing North Haiwee Reservoir fails due to an earthquake. A new earthfill embankment dam will be constructed north of the existing Dam to improve the seismic reliability of the North Haiwee Reservoir. Construction of the new dam will require the realignment of Cactus Flats Road and the Los Angeles Aqueduct Channel.

Phase I – Realign Cactus Flats Road and US 395 Hwy Improvements
a. Approximately 4,400 feet of Cactus flats Road will be realigned.
b. Construct a left-hand turn lane on US 395

Phase II – Realign of the Los Angeles Aqueduct
a. Approximately 1,950 feet of the existing Los Angeles Aqueduct will be realigned and match existing LAA channel dimensions.

Phase III-Construct of Earthfill Dam:
a. An earth filled dam located 800 feet north of the existing dam. 

Final EIR: July 24, 2018
Final NEPA: Sept. 30, 2019
Advertise Date: Feb. 12, 2020
Bid Opening: April 17, 2020
Start of Construction: Jan. 20, 2021
End of Construction: July, 20, 2027

LADWP/Contractor Contact Information
Construction Manager:
Matthew Venable 213-442-0205
[email protected]

Project Manager:
Yousef (Joe) Gobran – 213-367-0895
[email protected]

Contractor Superintendent:
Kevin Everett - 801-332-0703

Public Affairs:
Jessica Johnson - 213-271-3369
[email protected]

(from left): Vicinity map of project area; Locational map; Aerial map.
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